TCI offers Mobile Device Management

# Management for bring your own device (BYOD)

TCI is now offering comprehensive management of your organization's mobile devices. With TCI RED Mobile Device Management, your mobile devices can be secured in case of theft or loss with locate device, remote wipe, remote passcode setting, and remote lock capabilities. Also, basic information about the device can be monitored. Even Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities can be secured to protect valuable organizational data on employee-owned mobile devices.

Some advantages of TCI RED Mobile Device Management are:

  • Protects against device loss and theft
  • Tracks devices  
  • Empowers BYOD employees - staff work quicker, more efficiently, more effectively and flexibly through devices of their choice, accessing company systems and data securely
  • Enables cost control with asset visibility and expense management
  • Doesn't compromise productivity or privacy for either you or your employees