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Technology is ever changing in order to enhance our workplaces and lifestyles. TCI strives to deliver that technology to our customers. Our goal is to meet your technology needs in a precise, cost-effective, and professional manner.

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TCI wants to be the one source for your technology needs. From the business board room to the home living room, TCI has the solutions to meet those needs. Here at TCI, we provide you with our three pillars of success - Quality, Service, & Value.

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VoIP technology that enables voice to be transmitted over a data connection rather than over copper phone lines can be a little overwhelming and somewhat confusing for the average user. Knowing each system's facts sets you up for success and making the right choice for your business.
Benefits that set VoIP apart from a traditional phone system are its Reliability, Convenience, and Scalability. When your company grows- so does the system - with an easy transition done remotely.
Businesses today have to be flexible and mobile, so members of your team might spend significant portions of their day away from their desks. This is even more the case in the age of remote working. Unfortunately, having staff on the other side of the city or halfway around the world could mean important phone calls go unanswered. Fortunately, today’s VoIP business telephone systems enable the popular “find me/follow me” approach that allows your staff members to answer calls from anywhere.
The modern office experience is a lot different than it used to be. Along with the proliferation of remote workers, many businesses are also upgrading their business telephone systems to voice over internet protocol (VoIP). In addition to the many other benefits they offer, VoIP systems also make it easier for your office to go mobile.
Whether you own a retail enterprise, distribution warehouse, or something in between, high-quality surveillance and intrusion alarm systems are vital to the safety of your business. Upgrading to remote monitoring and interactive services is an even more efficient way to keep an eye on your property.
When it comes to the health and safety of those within your commercial property, a well-functioning fire alarm system is crucial. A building's system should be tested regularly to ensure it will function as expected during an emergency.
"Installing an access control system is an effective way to monitor who enters and exits, mitigate shoplifting, and manage your property more efficiently. It’s crucial to allow room in your budget for this security solution that offers business owners enhanced peace of mind while safeguarding everything from merchandise to data."