4 Advantages of Access Control Systems

# Secure your business with access control systems

When you run an organization, one of the top priorities is the security of your assets and premises. An access control system gives you the power to protect them by limiting who can enter the building, particular rooms, or other designated areas. With this system, users carry electronic key cards that they wave in front of digital card scanners to gain access, which helps businesses in the following ways.

What Are the Benefits of Access Control Systems?

1. Secure Everything

An access control system is useful for securing doors into a facility and between rooms. However, it can also control many other barriers, including parking gates, motorized fences, and turnstiles. This helps you secure parking ramps and outdoor areas and lets you better protect your staff and guests.

2. Ditch Keys
Access control systemWith a traditional security system, a lost or stolen key often means you have to change the organization's locks and provide everyone with new keys. Fortunately, this isn't necessary with a modern access control system. You can simply deactivate the lost card so it no longer works to save time and money.
3. Lock Out Unwanted Visitors

When a staff member leaves your organization under less than amicable terms, you may have concerns that they'll try to return. Even if you ask them to turn in their key, you can never be sure they haven't made a spare. The ability to deactivate their card is an invaluable benefit.

4. Monitor Access

If staff members must use key cards to enter the building, it creates a record of the access. Therefore, you can keep track of tardiness, long lunch breaks, unauthorized trips, and access to secure areas at unusual times. This gives you a much better idea of who's doing what around the facility.