About TCI

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About TCI

Technology is ever changing in order to enhance our workplaces and lifestyles. TCI strives to deliver that technology to our customers. Our goal is to meet your technology needs in a precise, cost-effective, and professional manner.

Telephone Communications Inc (TCI) began as a telephone interconnect company with humble beginnings in 1979. Kenneth Bice, CEO and President of TCI, had a dream of having his own company and providing top quality telephone equipment and service to businesses.

Today, TCI is a Managed Technology Service Provider (MTSP), which maintains a high level of commitment to service. TCI is the leading state licensed Low-Voltage General Contractor in the Eastern Alabama area.


We provide solutions and managed services in the telecom, security, and IT services industries. We have extensive cabling experience in governmental and non-governmental projects and have completed several small to large projects with a high degree of customer satisfaction.

The key to TCI’s success is our ability to deliver Quality, Service, and Value to meet our customers' many needs. We possess an innate ability to adapt to market trends and dynamics. Our management team foresees a growing need to interconnect the vast array of technologies available in the market place. Therefore, our goal is to strive to deliver the best integrated solutions to our customers. For you, TCI is the best technology source for your needs – whether that need is a new Internet-connected device, telephone with paging system, intrusion security system, camera surveillance, access control system, computer network system, or remote managed services.