VoIP vs. Traditional Digital Phone Systems Flexibility

# VoIP provides flexibility for those on the "Go"

Flexibility is becoming more and more crucial in today’s society. Employees want more freedom. Employers want more options and more cost-effective ways to keep their clients happy. VoIP allows for more flexibility and the freedom to do things not possible with a traditional phone system.

  • With VoIP, you can take your phone system with you – as long as you have access to a broadband connection - you can use the VoIP system anywhere.
  • VoIP turns desk phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones into mobile offices, allowing 24/7 access anywhere with an internet connection.
  • VoIP software allows workers to send and receive calls using a headphone / microphone unit connected to the computer, preventing missed calls from clients and making it possible to take calls at locations other than the office.
  • VoIP services allow you to unify all of your communications and have voicemails and faxes automatically forwarded to your regular email inbox. Receive all your messages in one place, and be able to store, sort, or forward any voicemails and faxes to others.

Businesses today are seeing massive growth in productivity, efficiency, and consumer satisfaction with the features of a VoIP phone system. A better understanding gives you the opportunity and advantage to make the right business decision for your company. Flexibility is the future, and TCI Voice is your future phone system. Reach out to us with questions and set up a demo to explain all the features and benefits of TCI Voice.