Cloud Workspaces

# Your office in a private cloud

Cloud Workspaces

TCI Workspace is our managed workspace solution that acts similar to the desktop you use today. The difference? Your workspace is in a private cloud - hosted or on-premise. This consists of application and data servers, installed or published applications, corporate data, users, access policies, and user entitlements. Simply access it from any connected device to work with your files and applications... from the road, at home or when meeting with a client.

Quick & Easy Access from Anywhere
  • Access your desktop, files and applications from all your devices. Our solution connects you very quickly to your workspace
  • Consistent user experience across your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Turns your hosted or on-premise servers into a private cloud
  • Print locally from any location and from any device, without having to install any specific printer driver


Simplifies IT Management
  • Provide full Windows desktops to concurrent remote users
  • Publish centralized Windows applications and enable remote users to directly access them on their local machines
  • Publish the Windows apps you want to the groups of users that need them
  • Enable from 3 to 50+ concurrent users to connect per server
  • Provide standard full remote desktops to concurrent users
  • Provide a launch menu on the local desktop of users to open applications hosted on your server
  • Use the built-in Web Portal to access your web-enabled applications or full desktops using any browser on any device


Secures Your Environment
  • All network communications are end-to-end encrypted. Remote connections are secured using SSL/TLS protocols
  • Updates at the kernel level throughout the year to stay ahead of the latest security requirements
  • Add 2FA to your web portal to maximize security

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