3 Tips for Choosing the Right Business Phone System

# Choosing a business phone system

Communication is the key to efficient business operations. As such, the IT services you choose can play a pivotal role in productive collaboration. You’ll need to select the right plan that fits your organization’s unique needs, so follow these tips.

How to Choose the Best Business Phone System

1. System Technology

Your primary options for telecommunication systems will be Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). PBX is an analog system that connects all office phones to the same network within a company, while VoIP packages voice signals across the Internet. VoIP is generally more cost-effective and scalable since it requires less infrastructure, and you can add lines within minutes using a digital interface. However, PBX may be more reliable since it's less susceptible to downtime and interruptions.

2. Functionality

it servicesIf you want to get your money's worth in phone services, consider what phone types are needed per employee or department. By knowing this from the get-go, you won't have to pay for functionalities your team doesn't need. For instance, customer service staff might need multiple lines, hold and transfer features, and speakerphone or hand-free capabilities. On the other hand, team members who make or receive only a few calls could function just fine with a single line.

3. Network & Equipment

If you already have an existing network, an IT services provider may suggest a system that's compatible with what you already have. However, if the current network is already outdated, your service provider might recommend upgrades that could boost your business's performance. The key is to work with a provider that would actively offer solutions to satisfy your company’s changing demands.