Cloud Voice / Fax

# Reliable voice over IP service with TCI Voice

Cloud Voice and Fax

TCI Voice is your future phone system. With excellent reliability and cost-effectiveness, TCI Voice offers the best in hosted VoIP available. Ask yourself these questions and then contact us for more information.

  • Would you like to significantly reduce your monthly communications costs?
  • Do you have multiple offices with separate phone systems at each?
  • Would you like to unify all of your communications - including voice, fax, and mobiles?
  • Are you prepared for a disaster...and will your phones still work after it happens?
  • Do you need advanced communication features…but think you can’t afford them?

TCI Voice can be scaled to meet your company’s needs with company growth. Because you pay on a per-seat license, you’re only paying for the technology you’re using.

You can easily connect multiple offices across the country and world and remote workers. This is possible because your phone system is in the cloud. You can transfer a call to a coworker in another country as you would transfer a call to a coworker in the office. You can also eliminate lengthy wait times involved in traditional service calls because troubleshooting is performed remotely. If man-made or natural disaster strikes, then your system will failover to another data center elsewhere in the country. To keep business going, your calls can be rerouted to other locations, mobile phones, or home phones.

One of the key benefits of TCI Voice is outsourcing the management of your phone system.  TCI Voice services rely on hosted phone equipment (PBX) to route a company’s voice traffic. TCI Voice will dramatically change the way your company does business. TCI Voice unleashes your productivity by providing a full range of advanced features and functionality. And it does it all at a fraction of the cost of a premises-based PBX.



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