# Virtually changing the back office


As the number of applications increase, many businesses have experienced the server hardware sprawl and growth over the past decade. However, due to space and budget constraints, these same businesses have balked at adding more servers to their networks.

Server Consolidation

Virtualization offers a business a way to curb the space and budget constraints by consolidating new and old servers onto common hardware. With multi-core processing and cost effective storage, virtualization is changing the way businesses look at the back office setup. Virtualization allows for servers with different operating systems to run and share resources within the same server hardware.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Virtualization offers a cost effective way to keep your business running in case of a downed system. By converting backup images to a virtual standby machine, a business will be up and running in the least amount of recovery time. Once the virtual standby system is turned on, it operates on the network just like the primary downed system. While the primary system is offline and undergoing maintenance, your business will be able to continue work as if nothing ever happened.

Desktop Virtualization

Another application for virtualization is to virtualize the desktops. Unlike with terminal servers, virtualized desktops allow each individual user to have their own remote session without the fear of another user's session impacting or crashing their session.

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