Simple Do's & Don'ts for Business Cybersecurity

# Cybersecurity for businesses

These days, your business may be at greater risk of a cybersecurity threat than a physical one. That's why IT security is so important, regardless of your business's size or what you offer customers. To start protecting your business from hackers and other online threats, follow these tips.

Use strong passwords.

The best passwords have at least ten characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols, such as exclamation points. Additionally, make sure your passwords are unique from website to website, and that they're changed every three to six months.

Be aware of common email scams.

Email scams can be very sophisticated. For example, some scam artists create email addresses that are so close to the originals that differences aren't noticeable at first. Warn staff against opening attachments that appear suspicious or arrive unsolicited. Also, make sure antivirus programs scan all attachments before opening.

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